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The project “Grammar in Everyday Life” contributes to building a grammar for Danish talk-in-interaction. It is nested within the research unit, DanTIN (“The grammar of Danish talk-in-interaction”), which has developed descriptions of interaction-grammatical phenomena. The theoretical basis is interactional linguistics, the database is around 50 hours of already recorded and transcribed recordings of naturally occurring, everyday interaction in Danish. The project provides in-depth descriptions of the interactional functions and grammatical (including phonetic and prosodic) structures of: (1) Questions and answers, (2) Negotiation of participation, and (3) Directive utterances. Furthermore, it contributes with theoretical contributions to the yet undeveloped field of grammatical theorizing within interactional linguistics. The results will also be used to develop teaching materials for Danish as a second language and for increasing awareness about talk-in-interaction in the general public.

Project members: