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About samtalegrammatik.dk

On this page, we have gathered the information that we feel is most important for you get the most out of our website. In Guide for use of the site, we show where on the site you find what and quickly go through how the grammar is structured. Our method is a quick introduction to our theoretical background and our method. In connection with that, we have written an introduction to the Units that we use in our analyses and descriptions. Under the Data heading, we will shortly describe the interactional data that form the basis of the grammar and tell you where our examples come from and how you can find (some of) them. In Our transcription system, you will find an overview of the special characters that we use in our conversation transcripts.

N.B. If the regular search function (at the top right corner) does not work, we recommend that you use the index of articles that can be found through a link at the bottom of the menu line.