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Data for research and student/exam projects

We have a large collection of recordings collected over many years from many different people. As a student or researcher you can use this to write new analyses, preferably something that can subsequently be added as an article on samtalegrammatik.dk.

Inspiration for topcs:

  • Language variation: is there a difference in how the word "forfest" is used by people of different ages?
  • Language evolution: Is the plural ending -s used more on English loan words than seen previously?´
  • Interaction: what linguistic strategies can speakers use to solve conflicts?

The whole DanTIN-group is ready to help, as there is often someone who has worked with the same data or the same phenomenon that you'll be looking at. We continuously arrange datasessions and other activities. You can also participate in DanTIN’s work and contribute to the research project through participation in conferences or publications in our journal.

Facts about our data:

  • Naturally occurring interactions
  • Approx. 50 hours, with around 15 of them transcribed
  • Audio & video
  • Danish
  • Conversations between two or more people
  • Many kinds of situations: friends, family, study groups, workplaces, telephone conversations, conversations between children and adults, and lots more.

Requirements to access the data: You will have to sign a confidentiality agreement, and furthermore we will ask you to share your transcriptions and analyses.

Contact us through samtalegrammatik@cc.au.dk

We're looking forward to working with you!