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Papers on Danish talk-in-interaction

Papers on Danish talk-in-interaction (in Danish Skrifter om Samtalegrammatik (SoS)) is a series of papers about talk-in-interaction which is published by the group behind Samtalegrammatik.dk. The publications in Skrifter om Samtalegrammatik consist of working papers, student papers, reports etc. which describe and analyze phenomena of talk-in-interaction.

Skrifter om Samtalegrammatik is not peer reviewed, but an editorial group in DanTIN has deemed the publications in SoS worthy of becoming known to the public. In some cases, the papers are older papers which DanTIN have been allowed to publish by the author(s). In other cases, the papers are made for SoS. Skrifter om Samtalegrammatik can be used freely or shared by referring to the author, year and the journals’ name and volume.