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In this part Grammar of Danish talk in interaction we describe word groups or phrases of spoken language. Besides the phrases that traditionally are included, we have also added some special interactional language constructions.

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  • Noun phrases
  • Adjectival phrases
  • Adverbial phrases
  • Prepositional phrases
  • Verb phrases and other verbal construction
  • Other constructions
  • Idiomatic expressions

Phrases are words that belong together. One can talk about syntactic phrases (e.g. noun phrases), prepositional phrases and so on. These are characterized by being able to function as constituents in sentences or other constituents.

Some types of phrases can function as independent contributions in conversation. This is the case for e.g. prepositional phrases and adverbial phrases. These can function as answers to questions about when and where. These are so-called ‘phrasal turn units’ (for more, go to units under our method). In principle, all phrases can appear as phrasal turn units but some types seem more designed for this than others.

In talk in interaction there are also constructions that constitute coherent units even though they are not syntactic phrases in a traditional sense.

Inspired by the so-called constructional grammar that operates with these phrases, we have created an entry under phrases which we call other constructions. Here, you will find the phrases that we, from analyses and/or reading of others’ analyses, see as constructions even though they are not syntactic phrases.

Further reading

Allan, Holmes and Lundskær-Nielsen (2000) is a quite thorough, but traditional, descriptive grammar of Danish. Mostly about written language, but includes an account of sounds and morphemes.

Anward (in press) is a scientific article which shows how one can find ‘constructions’ in Swedish conversations.

Christensen and Christensen (2009) is a textbook for students. It is based on a long tradition of Danish descriptions of grammar.

Fischer (2010) is a scientific article which discusses the principles behind constructions in conversations and illustrates with examples from English.

Hansen and Heltoft (2011) is a long, thorough and scientific description of Danish grammar. It is in many ways different from the traditional grammatical description.