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Referring to us

You are more than welcome to refer to things you find on this website, if you are writing a paper, an article or something else. Here is an example of how you refer to a topic from this website:

Samtalegrammatik.dk. 2014. Hvar (what3). http://samtalegrammatik.au.dk/en/post-single-display/artikel/hvar/ (visited the 8-2-14).

This can of course also be accustomed to other formats. The point here is that Samtalegrammatik.dk is the name of the author and the date of revision in the bottom of the page is the publishing year. In the text in the middle of a paper, you can refer to us as Samtalegrammatik.dk (year). It is the same principle for all the pages, except for the articles, that can be found on the Download page and under Writings on Samtalegrammatik. This is because these articles each have one specific author and the references for those can be found under each article.

If you need to, you can also refer to the whole website as Samtalegrammatik.dk (year).