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On articles in general

The entire homepage is built on examinations of interactional data. We publish articles about interaction-grammatical phenomena as we examine them. Once we have finished our examination of an interaction-grammatical phenomenon, we publish the results.

An article is a short account of what we (or others) have found out about a concrete interaction-grammatical subject. In the articles we describe the forms or structures that pertain to the subject in question, and at the same time we try to describe which actions these forms can perform or participate in performing.

Let us take our article about Danish because-utterances as an example. Utterances that begin with fordi (because) can have both main clause word order and subordinate clause word order. This means that the article on because-utterances can be found under Forms > Clauses and Sentences > Main clauses and subordinate clauses. The action performed by because-utterances is often to give reasons for something. Because of this, the article can also be found under Actions > Other actions > Reasons.

In principle, all articles are connected to at least one form and one action (often more, since there is no one-to-one relationship between forms and actions). The idea with the articles is that you can connect form and action when you read articles on concrete interaction-grammatical phenomena.

There are also several “paths” to each article. The breadcrumb path on top of the page cannot show this (see Guide for the use of the site for more on paths and breadcrumbs), and therefore it is a rule that on the bottom of each article there is information on entrances, i.e which categories under forms and actions lead to the article in question.

Most articles end with an overview of further reading on the subject of the article. For full references go to the Links and references page.